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      1. 2017年高考全國卷新課標Ⅱ英語試題及答案

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        英  語

        第一部分  聽力(共兩節,滿分30分)
        第一節 (共5小題,每小題1.5分,滿分7.5分)
        例:How much is the shirt?
        1What  will the woman do this afternoon?
        A Do some exercise B Go shopping  C  Wash her clothes
        2Why does the woman call the man?
        A To cancel a flight  B To make an apology   C  To put off a meeting 
        3 How much more does David need for the car?
        A $ 5,000 B$20,000 C $25,000
        4 What is Jane doing?
        A Planning a tour BCalling her father CAsking for leave
        5 How does the man feel?
        A   Tied   B Dizzy    C Thirsty  


        6. What does Jack want to do?
        A. Watch TV.    B. Play outside.    C. Go to the zoo.
        7. Where does the conversation probably take place?
        A. At home.    B. In a cinema.     C. In a supermarket.

        8. What does Richard do?
        A. He’s a newsman.     B. He’s a manager.    C. He’s a researcher.
        9. Where is Richard going next week?
        A. Birmingham.    B. Mexico City.    C. Shanghai.
        10. What will the speakers do tomorrow?
        A. Eat out together.    B. Visit a university.    C. See Professor Hayes.

        11. What is the probable relationship between the spearkers?
        A. School friends.
        B. Teacher and student.
        C. Librarian and library user.
        12. Why does Jim suggest Mary buy the book?
        A. It’s sold at a discount price.
        B. It’s important for her study.
        C. It’s written by Professor Lee.
        13. What will Jim do for Mary?
        A. Share his book with her.
        B. Lend her some money.
        C. Ask Henry for help.

        14.Where does Stella live?
        A. In Memphis    B. In Boston    C. In St Louis  
        15.What would peter and his family like to do on beale street?
        A.Visit a museum    B. Listen ti music    C. Have dinner   
        16.What kind of hotel does peter prefer?
        A. A big one   B. A quite one    C.A modern one    
        17.How many lab sessions will the students have every week?
        A. One   B. Two    C. Three
        18.What are the students allowed to wear in the lab ?
        A.Long scarves    B.Loose clothes     C.Tennis shoes
        19.Why should the students avoid mixing liquid with paper?
        A. It may cause a fire   B.It may create waste     C.  It may produce pollution
        20.What does the speaker mainly talk about?
        A.Grades the student will receive   
        B.Rules the students should follow    
        C. Experiments the students will do.
        第二部分  閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分)
        In the coming months, we are bringing together artists form all over the globe, to enjoy speaking shakespeare’s plays in their own language, in our globe, within the architecture shakespeare wrote for.please come and join us.
        National Theatre Of China   Beijing|Chinese
        This great occasion(盛會) will be the national theatre of china’s first visit to the uk. The company’s productions show the new face of 21st century chinese theatre. This production of
        Shakespeare’s Richard III will be directed by the National’s Associate Director,Wang Xiaoying.
        Date&Time:Saturday 28 April,2.30pm&Sunday 29 April,1.30pm&6.30pm
        Marjanishvili Theatre   Tbilisi l Georgian
        One of the most famous theatres in Georgia,the Marjanishvili,founded in 1928,appears regularly at theatre festivals all over the world. This new production of As You Like It is helmed(指導)by the company’s Artistic Director Levan Tsuladze.
        Date & Time :Friday 18May,2.30pm&Sunday 19May,7.30pm
        Deafinitely Theater  London l British Sign  Language (BSL)
        By translating the rich and humourous taxt of Love’s Labour’s Lost into the physical language of BSL,Deafinitely Thertre creates a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s comedy and aims to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by performing to both groups as one audience.
        Date&Time:Tueaday 22 May,2.30pm&Wednesday 23 May,7.30pm
        Habima National Theatre Tel Aviv l Hebrew
        The Habima is the centre of Hebrew-languege theatre worldwide,Founded in Moscow after the 1905 revolution,the company eventually settled in Tel Aviv in the late 1920s,Since 1958,they have been recognized as the national theatre of Israel.This production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice marks their first visit to the UK.
        Date Date&Time:Monday 28May,7.30&Tuesday 29 May,7.30pm

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