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      1. 2017高考全國卷3英語試題及答案

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        英 語(考試時間:120分鐘  試卷滿分:150分)

        第一部分  閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分)
        第一節  (共15小題;每小題2分,滿分30分)
        San Francisco Fire Engine Tours
        San Francisco Winery Tour
           Running: February 1st through April 30th
           This delicious tour goes through the city on its way to Treasure Island where we will stop at the famous Winery SF. Here you can enjoy 4 pours of some of the best wine San Francisco has to offer.(included in tickets price)
          Departing from the Cnncry: Tell time upon request.
          Duration(時長):2 hours
          Price: $90
        Back to the Fifties Tour
          Running: August 16th through August 31st
          This tour transports you back in time to one of San Francisco’s most fantastic periods, the 1950s! Enjoy fun history as we take you through San Francisco for a free taste of ice cream.
          Departing form the Cannery 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm
          Duration:2 hours
        Spooky Halloween Tour
        Running: October 10th through October 31st
        Join us for a ride through the historical Presidio district .Authentic fire gear (服裝)is provided for your warmth as our entertainers take you to some of the most thrilling parts of San Francisco
        Departing from the Cannery:6:30 pm and 8:30 pm
        Duration :1 hour and 30 minutes
        Price: Available upon request
        Holiday Lights Tour
          Running: December 6th through December 23nd
          This tractive four takes you to some of San Francis’s most cbcerful holiday scene
        Ambentic fire gear is provided for your war as you get into the holiday spirit.
          Departing form the Cannvry 7,00 pm and 9,00 pm.
          Duration I bour and 30 minutes
          Advice reicrvicons required.
        1.Which of the tours is available in March?
        A.San Francisco Wlner Tour.
        B.Back to the Fifties Tour.
        C.Spooky Hallowen Tour.
        D.Holiday Lights Tour.
        2.What can tourtists do on Back to the Fifties Tours?
        A.Go to Treasure bland.
        B.Enjoy the holiday scenes.
        C.Have free ice cream.
        D.Visit the Presidio district.
        3.What are tourists required to do to go on Holiday Lights Tour?
        A.Take some drinks.
        B.Set off early in the morning.
        C.Wear warm clothes.
        D.Make reservations in advance.
        Minutes after the last movie ended yesterday at the Plaza Theater, employees were busy sweeping up popcorns and gathering coke cups. It was a scene that had been repeated many times in the theater’s 75-year history. This time, however, the cleanup was a little different. As one group of workers carried out the rubbish, another group began removing seats and other theater equipment in preparation for the building’ end.


        The Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University have turned an electric car into a mobile laboratory named “DriveLAB” in order to understand the challenges faced by older drivers and to discover where the key stress points are.
           Research shows that giving up driving is one of the key reasons for a fall in health and well-being among older people, leading to them becoming more isolated(隔絕) and inactive.
           Led by Professor Phil Blythe, the Newcastle team are developing in-vehicle technologies for older drivers which they hope could help them to continue driving into later life.
           These include custom-made navigation(導航) tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations. Phil Blythe explains: “For many older people, particularly those living alone or in the country, driving is important for preserving their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others.”
           “But we all have to accept that as we get older our reactions slow down and this often results in people avoiding any potentially challenging driving conditions and losing confidence in their driving skills. The result is that people stop driving before they really need to.”
        Dr Amy Guo, the leading researcher on the older driver study, explains, “The DriveLAB is helping us to understand what the key points and difficulties are for older drivers and how we might use technology to address these problems.
            “For example, most of us would expect older drivers always go slower than everyone else but surprisingly, we found that in 30mph zones they struggled to keep at a constant speed and so were more likely to break the speed limit and be at risk of getting fined. We’re looking at the benefits of systems which control their speed as a way of preventing that.
        “We hope that our work will help with technological solutions(解決方案) to ensure that older drivers stay safer behind the wheel.”
        12.What is the purpose of the Drivel AB?
        A.To explore newmeans of transport.
        B.To design new types of cars.
        C.To find out older driver`s problems.
        D.To teach people traffic rules.
        13.Why is driving important for older people according to Phil Blythe?
        A.It keeps them independent.
        B.It helps them save time.
        C.It builds up their strength.
        D.It cures their mental illnesses.
        14.What do researchers hope to do for older drivers?
        A.Improve their driving skills.
        B.Develop driver-assist technologles.
        C.Provide tips on repairing their cars.
        D.Organize regular physical checkups.
        15.What is the best title for the text?
        A.A new Model Electric Car
        B.A Solution to Traffic Problem
        C.Driving Service for elders
        D.Keeping Older Drivers on the Road

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